Taking a Look at Leadership Skills

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This paragraph will be about the leadership skills , we know that for effective leadership we most have some skills to become not just a leader but a great leader in life and specially in business so the first leadership skills is leader plans that’s mean the leader most be Proactive in business, so the leader most select the problem that possible to happen and Resolved before it reach crisis proportions and the ability to identify the potential gains , so this skills is important to leaders because it let them be ready for what comes in the future. The second skills in leadership is the leader most has a vision because the vision Necessary for good leadership and if you don’t have a vision you Will spin in the same circle without achieving something because the vision make your path clear and provide direction in your way, so every leader most has a vision and the first thing that he most do is creating his own vision and he do that by doing a statement first for example “ the reader of today is the leader of tomorrow “ Ahmad…
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