Taking a Look at Leadership Styles

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Effective leadership is the functional component to a productive company and or business. New leadership approaches are needed to create effective and efficient global operations (Colfax, 2009). Successful managers need to replace the traditional styles of leadership, foster innovation, and create approaches that embrace the virtual and global changes that rapidly expand each day. This consists of leader’s shifting their normal techniques and rearranging them to the growing demands of the environment (Santos, 2009). Nonetheless, there is no one right way to lead; instead, different leadership styles lead to different outcomes (Zainal, 2011) Great leaders come in every race, gender and kind yet they all share similar characteristics of being strong well managed, and optimistisc.Most of all, they continuously find new ways to manage when opportunities arise. (Burrus –Barbey, 2000). The aim of this paper is to examine successful and unsuccessful leaders, and provide examples of effective leadership styles. Several companies will be researched to show how leader’s micro and macro managed their companies. The paper will conclude with recommendations on what managers can do to ultimately create the highest performance within their organization. Research will be based on the following, 1.) Different leadership styles that are used by managers across various countries, 2) societal trends and changes that have erupted over the years, 3) an analysis on local businesses today.
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