Taking a Look at Liberia

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Established on the banks of western Africa is a small country known as Liberia. Liberia is an astonishing country, with its history and culture. The first thing you might notice about Liberia is its African heritage. Liberia was not only founded but also colonized but freed African slaves. It is also known fact that the people are very friendly in Liberia. The culture of Liberia is amazing; some people still carve out African figurines. This country has fought a long way for its freedom. That’s why it is a wonderful land of liberty! This nation needs to be recognized and you will agree that Liberia needs to be visited at least once.

Wouldn’t you love to visit this country Located in West Africa, Liberia has a land mass of 11,369 square kilometers and a population of about four million. The capital is Monrovia. The official language is English and over thirty home-grown languages are also spoken in the country. You may wonder why I selected this country; I do not know truly myself, but the more I researched about it the more fascinated I became. I assume that will happen to you, too, to see how far this country has come. (Forced Migration Online: Liberia, 2011)
Physical characteristics
Liberia is a large Saharan dessert region in West Africa located at six degrees similar to El Salvador. Three other African nations surround Liberia: Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Cote d’Ivorire. The fourth side is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Sierra Leone is on the northwest,
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