Taking a Look at Local Produce

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My topic is local produce. I chose this topic because I am really interested in the different types of food people consume and how it affects their health.
The big question I will be answering is whether or not to buy local or non-local foods. I will go over which is safer for the economy, the environment, and people. After I research this, I will then find which one is better to buy. This is a question that each person should ponder before deciding which type of food to buy. My hypothesis is that eating locally will be better and safer for everyone.
Do you often find that the foods in your fridge are nonlocal?
There are many negative things to contemplate when deciding what type of foods to buy. Issues upon this topic include foodborne illnesses, also known as food poisoning, incorrect processing and handling and preparation of meats, and bacteria. Many multi-state waves in which have infected many hundreds of people have lately been traced back to specific farms, food processors, and specific food handlers. (As stated by sustainabletable.org)
Some major issues with buying non local foods that have an effect of the earth are pesticides and steroids. They can be put into these foods and can seriously harm the consumer.
Pesticides are made to kill pests to the plant, but they often hurt humans instead. By buying local food, your chances of eating foods that contain pesticides become less likely. When foods are grown locally, they are generally in season because they do not

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