Taking a Look at Logistics Management

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The primary aim of logistics is to co-ordinate the transportation, storage and handling of products as they move from the source of raw materials, through the manufacturing system to their final point of sale in a way that it meets customer requirements at minimum cost. In the past this cost has been defined in purely monetary terms. Recently the world has witnessed an increasing awareness about environmental and sustainability issues. This growing concern for the environment has a created pressure on companies to reduce their negative environmental impact. As defined by ISO14001, the environmental impact is “a modification of the environment, negative or beneficial, resulting wholly or partially from environmental aspects of an organization “. Since the transportation of goods leads to air and noise pollution, leads to fatal accidents sometimes and has significant impact on global warming, firms have been trying to render their supply chains and logistics operations more environmental friendly. That this why many Green logistics strategies have been devised in order to achieve an efficient and environmentally friendly distribution and transportation system. In this paper we will discuss what exactly is green logistics, and why green logistics strategies have gained attention recently. We will then introduce some of these green strategies and their benefits. We will finally discuss some of the challenges facing green logistics What is Green Logistics? In this part we
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