Taking a Look at Malaysia Air

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We compare both famous airlines company in Malaysia that is MAS and Air Asia which they are competitors. What are lacks of MAS that have in Air Asia? Air Asia making profit after it has been known because of its creativities in making business. Air Asia has hedge its fuel requirements to maximum to the next three years, while MAS only hedge its fuel to only a little which it could only achieve one-hour turnaround times. Air Asia could achieve an aircraft turnaround time of 25 minutes better than MAS (John F. O'Connell, 2005).

MAS had been suffered loss due to various reasons since 1997. It had been quite a long time MAS facing losses as compare to other airlines in Malaysia. MAS had been managed by the government. One of the reasons is lack of perform as a good leadership as compare to other airline particularly on their financial management. Passenger willing to take the lower cost airline especially nowadays emerged in the market such as Air Asia and Firefly due to MAS did not perform a good leadership. Lower cost airline are one of the biggest factor which affect MAS losses in the specific range of airline industry. Full service airline provide by MAS which serving local and international routes (William, 2005) as compare to low cost budget airline which carrier by Air…

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