Taking a Look at Marico Egypt

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Competition review: There are many competitors in this product category that will compete with the company’s product by 2050 and may threaten the product’s process and use this technology before the company. One of these competitors is Procter and gamble which has a high market share in Egypt; 67% of Procter and gamble business in Near East markets; Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. They took the 12 original-million-pound investment to the present amount of 1.25 billion Egyptian pounds. The development of Procter and gamble and its production level have been enormous; the company today supervises a portfolio of 14 brands. Procter and gamble have some strengths and weaknesses, the strengths they have is that they have over 300 brands all over the world which are existing in 180 countries, over than 125000 employees in P&G all over the world, it has 24 brands which have sales every year over the billion dollars, due to outstanding marketing and advertising their brands have high recall and finally they participated in important sporting events as sponsors. There are also some weaknesses and one of them is that many false products are on sale under their brand names, also their products have a high competition from international brands. There is also another competitor that will compete with the company on this product which is Marico Egypt and its market share is also high in Egypt; Marico's launched in Egypt in 2006-07, when it obtained the local hair care

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