Taking a Look at Marketing Strategies

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It is defined as paid form of non personal communication about an organisation, service, product, or idea by an identified sponsor. Public service announcement, which has an sporadic exception whose advertising space or time is provided by media. Advertisement involves with mass media is referred as no personal component which transport a massage to large group of peoples, often at the same time, for instance TV, radio, magazines, newspapers. Non personal component means there will be no opportunity for quick feedback from the message recipient, so the advertiser must know how the audience will interpret and respond to it, only before the message to be sent. Advertising is famous and widely spread and discussed form of promotion because of its omnipresentness. It is the main prominent promotional tool particularly for companies whose products are targeted at mass consumer markets. It is the most cost effective method for communicating with large audience. Advertising will be used to improve brand images and symbolic call for a company or brand. This is an important opportunity for companies selling products that are difficult to differentiate on practical ascribes. Other plus point of advertising is its capability to hit a responsive chord with customers when distinction across other tools of marketing mix is difficult to achieve. Good and popular advertising campaigns can sometimes be influenced into successful integrated marketing communication programs. The way and
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