Taking a Look at Maternal Obesity

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The references used are located in the last part of this essay. The literature search was conducted using the keywords and terms maternal obesity, overweight, pregnancy obesity complications, pregnancy risks for obesity, weight gain in pregnancy and prevalence of maternal obesity in Australia. Articles, researches and journals published within the last five years were chosen to gather the most recent peer-reviewed and evidence-based information. The databases that were used include CinahlFT and Science Direct via Learnline. A total of twelve journals were analysed and thoroughly reviewed on this essay. Government published materials from websites (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council) were also referenced. Over the years, maternal obesity has relatively emerged as a great challenge in maternity care. A number of evidence-based studies that were conducted had showed strong links between obesity and poor outcomes of pregnancy (Flick & Artal 2013). The current scientific knowledge on maternal obesity was the focus and implication for nursing practice was considered. A similarity found in the journals studied is that they are all agreeing in one general fact; maternal obesity is a major public health issue nowadays, not only in Australia but also in other countries and it has great implications throughout the antenatal period both for the mothers and their babies (Adamo et. al 2013; Flick & Artal 2013; Keely et al. 2011; Slavin, 2013; Vaswani & Balachandran 2013). They

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