Taking a Look at Medieval Education

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Medieval Education Medieval education started in England and mostly consisted of the rich. There were very few people educated during this time, including the wealthy. People who worked in the church were the most educated people. Also, many who worked in the monasteries took vows of isolation and their work stayed isolated with them. The need for more education developed in the world of merchant trade. A lot of schools became known as grammar schools. Latin grammar formed a major part in their daily curriculum. Everything taught in grammar schools was Latin. Books were to expensive in the medieval so, the boys had to learn information by heart. Many schools were very small and only had one room for all the boys and one teacher. The teacher would teach the older boys who then would have to teach the younger ones. (Trueman, Chris. “Medieval Education.” Medieval Education. History Learning Cite, 2000-2010. Web. 17 Apr. 2014.) Very few English merchants spoke any other language like Dutch or Spanish but, they did speak Latin also. Latin was a very effective language for a lot of merchants. Lessons were taught in Latin. A lot of lessons started at sunrise and didn’t get done with until sunset. Usually during the spring and summer months, school lasted for many more hours, and the opposite for winter. Discipline was very strict, if you made a mistake you were beat or threatened with birch. It was often very painful so people never made the same mistakes again. (Trueman, Chris.
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