Taking a Look at Multiple Sclerosis

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It is estimated that more than 400,000 Americans are affected with Multiple sclerosis (MS). MS mainly affects the functioning of the nerves which results in the problems like lack of proper vision, weakness, and muscle coordination1. The main source for cause for MS is yet to be known but upon the through research the scientists have found the common factors which indulge this disease are 1) Environmental conditions like temperature 2) Microorganisms like bacteria, virus 3) Genetic factors 2 MS patients are advised to start the medication/treatment as early as possible because there might be chances of nerve damage during early phases. At present, extensive study carried out by scientists resulted in the medication for different MS indications which are approved by FDA3 Brand name Treatment Dose 1 2 3 4 AVONEX BETASERON GILENYA TYSABRI Injectable Injectable Pills Infusions MS patients with physical disability To patients whose are diagnosed with first clinical treatment and the MRI results show clinical exacerbations To decrease clinical exacerbations and prolong the time of physical disability To minimize the effect of physical disability and reduce the ratio of relapses Once in a week Below the skin every alternate day Once a day Once in a month. The process of infusion takes for an hour and later post effects are seen like hypersensitivity. TYSBARI was approved by EU in the year 2006. Initially it was taken by 1000 MS
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