Taking a Look at Muscle Cramps

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They can last from several seconds to a couple minutes. They are considered very common among people; however, their actual cause is still not well understood. There are different types of muscle cramps including true, contractures, tatany, and dystonic cramps. There are not a lot of symptoms for muscle cramps, but the ones that do exist are obvious. Cramps will usually go away on their own without medical assistance, but there are a few cases where they should get checked out by a doctor. Muscle cramps are painful, but the worst thing is that they can't be stopped from happening. The causes for this muscle disorder are not completely understood, but there are several theories. According to the Mayo Clinic Staff, muscle cramps are caused by overuse of muscle, dehydration, muscle strain, or simply holding a position for a long period of time. In their article, “Muscle Cramps,” they also stated that cramps may be related to underlying medical condition such as inadequate blood supply, nerve compression, and mineral depletion (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2013). Getting inadequate blood supply affects the arteries that deliver blood to the legs producing cramps in the legs and feet while exercising. Another article called, “Muscle Cramps-Symptom Evaluation” also lists anemia, medications, kidney disorders, and hormonal problems as causes for this disorder.…
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