Taking a Look at NJOY

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Left to its own devices, in the heyday of zero regulation, no taxes and a lot of hype, the e-cigarette industry has experienced unprecedented growth. It is no surprise that the industry has recently drawn the attention of a swarm of interested parties; competitors, supporters and opponents alike. NJOY, an electronic cigarette company, is one such company that has found it self in the midst of this attention and must now navigate its way through to survive. Currently, NJOY is facing a host of problems, which must be overcome to in order to maintain a successful position in the market. E-cigarettes are under close scrutiny by legislative and regulatory bodies in government; decisions made by these parties can have a tremendous impact on the future of the industry. In addition, competition from Big Tobacco poses another big treat. Finally, special interest groups such as Tobacco Free Kids and anti-smoking lobbyists are also pushing their agendas with policy makers in order to play a role crafting the future of the industry. These issues affect almost every aspect of NJOY’s business, thus to successfully compete in the e-cigarette market without selling out to Big Tobacco, NJOY needs to have an integrated market and nonmarket strategy.

Firstly, the impeding legislation has the potential to blanket e-cigarettes under the same regulation as traditional cigarettes. These regulations would systematically eliminate many advantages e-cigarettes have at the moment, the most

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