Taking a Look at Narcissism

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What is narcissism? There is no specific definition for it. In psychology, narcissism is a negative and bad character trait. Narcissists have an excessive pride and they obsess with self. In other words, they think they are better than others and only care about themselves. In fact, being confident can also be accused as narcissism. However, narcissism is more than self confidence. Nowadays, Generation Y is being claimed as narcissists and there are so many reason that the critics try to list it out to prove their claim. In my opinion, Generation Y is just adapt to the environment they are living right now. Accusing Millennials as narcissist is not accurate. Jean M. Twenge is a famous professor of psychology in San Diego State University. People know Twenge for her study of narcissism. Her infamous and debatable book Generation Me: Why Today’s Young American Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitle- and More Miserable than Ever Before, draws in a lot of attention from psychologists, researchers, as well as common people. Twenge can be seen as a leader for accusing the rise of narcissism in Generation Y. She conducted her study by collecting data from 25 years of personality surveys. She used the answers from the survey to conclude that Millennials are narcissists. With regard to personality surveys, psychologists use indirect and unclear statements to trick people and to expose the inflated ego (Greenberg). Undirected statements in the surveys have too many meanings. Its
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