Taking a Look at Naturalism

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Naturalism The style of naturalism, naturalistic writers writers, and naturalistic works were very influential during the1880’s to 1940’s. Naturalism began as a literary movement that used some what of a detailed realism of things to prove that social conditions and environment had shaped the human race. This form of literature was a way of explaining the ways and beauty of everyday reality.Unlike Romanticism, the use of romance to influence the reader, or Surrealism, the use of artworks and writings, the readers did not need any type of idealistic or supernatural treatment. Most writers of naturalism became influenced of Darwinism, or the theory of evolution. They believed that the characters social environment determined who they truly were. Most, but not all, naturalistic works exposed the harshness of life. For this reason, naturalistic writers were constantly criticized for focusing on the misery of the world. Within naturalistic works, different styles are used. There are more styles of writing in literature but not all of them are used in naturalism.Three of the most common styles or forms of writing are satire, impressionistic, and sensational. These styles have some similarities but are used for different reasons. Satire is the critique of what the author sees as dangerous religious, political, moral, or social standards. It is sometimes graphic that focuses on abuses and shortcomings with the intent of discriminating individuals, corporations, government or
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