Taking a Look at Natyasastra

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Although now a days all types of stages are used for the performance. But the theatre what we are using now a days is rectangular as suggested in Natyasastra. It suggests the performance in enclosed area because in those days the attacks of demons at theatre were common but now a days the performance takes place in enclosed area due to the reason of technicalities. In enclosed area all the illusionary realistic effects can be created through lights and sounds. In these days the fashion of theatre is of proscenium theatre which demands enclosed area.
Besides all these things Natyasastra also pays much attention on the dramatic components like dance, music, voice, sentiment and emotion, occasion of performance, playwrights and their work, opening verse and prologue/preliminaries, objectives of theatre, poetic composition, etc. Thus the text is a full-fledged study of all the dramatic elements as required in performance. The text is rightly called “the science of theatre” which presents the objective approach towards theatre and discusses theatre and theatricality inch by inch. Even today all the concepts of Sanskrit theatre are used either as it is or by modifying something. All the remains dramatic elements are discussed in the next chapter based on the use of Sanskrit theatre by Girish Karnad entitled “Sanskrit Theatre and Girish Karnad.” The techniques of Sanskrit theatre passed from one generation to the other as by oral tradition and later in written text. The
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