Taking a Look at Net Neutrality

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In this report you will find information about Net Neutrality. I want to inform you on how net neutrality may affect you and in what ways. Net Neutrality is an open and free way of internet. All information is shared without discrimination of the content and everything is shared equally. The purpose is to make you aware of Net Neutrality and the impact is would have on the internet with or without. Awareness about net neutrality is a must because regardless of your stance after being informed it could affect the way you use and view content on the internet. The problem can start being solved by first making more people aware of Net Neutrality and its effects on the internet. Over one- third of the entire world’s population uses the internet daily to complete and exchange various things. These users can be affected by net neutrality. In conclusion net neutrality affects a lot of people and is why the internet is open and free. I do not think this should change. Net Neutrality Essence Rice Prof Writing An Introduction to Net Neutrality The purpose of this report is to inform the reader about Net Neutrality from every angle. The problem with Net Neutrality is that there are those who are for it and those against it thus creating disagreements on how the internet should be ran. Those who want Net Neutrality want the internet to remain open so that when you or I log on we can access any site any content equally. Those who are against Net Neutrality would participate in
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