Taking a Look at Netflix

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Topic- Netflix
Purpose statement- I would like to educate my audience on the history and growth of Netflix
Organizational Pattern- topical
Attention Getter : We are living in a very technologically advanced age. We push buttons to start our cars and have cell phones that are unlocked by our fingerprints. With that being said, it’s no surpise that the number of people who stream instant videos has skyrocketed. Connection to Audience or WIFM : According to Forbe’s consumer technology writer, Larry Magid, a recent Nielson study in 2013 revealed that over five million homes have “zero TV” in their households.
Credibility Material : I, myself, am a part of these so-called “zero TV” households. I have found online streaming to be much more affordable than having to pay for cable service. By streaming my television shows, I am freed from having time constraints and am no longer forced to watch crazy amounts of commercials. Thesis and Preview: Netflix is a giant in the world of online streaming. With shows like “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards”, Netflix is really making a name for itself. However, Netlflix hasn’t always been as successful as it is today.
In order for us to truly understand how far Netflix has come, we must first understand it’s history and how it all began.

I. The genesis of Netflix

A. The idea of Netflix came about in 1997. When CNN Money interviewed Netflix creator, Reed Hastings, he described his reasoning
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