Taking a Look at Newskool Grooves

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There are several problems that are likely to occur in a boundaryless organization like Newskool Grooves. At the Kiev offices, many of the computer programmers have had problems working with little to no structure. What they would like is to have a strong leadership structure and definite work methods. Some managers have stated that reaching co-workers who practice boundaryless organization can be difficult. Managers sometimes need to reach their co-workers straightaway, but with boundaryless organization they must first wait. A problem with boundaryless organization is that it does not always fit well with situations such as immediate problems. Certain issues or problems cannot always be solved from forming a get together. Also developers can avoid simple problems by communicating more efficiently and also meeting up to see if everyone is on the same page. In the article developers had to use timely discussions to solve a problem that could have easily been avoided. Despite the many problems of boundaryless organization, it does provide many advantages also. Communicating through e-mail, phone, or other methods is how boundaryless organizations tend to work. The advantages of this could be communicating without traveling or wasting gas. Another advantage is the ability to communicate with foreign countries almost effortlessly. Many employee included within the article have many different cultures and even personality and ideals. However some cultural issues will occur.
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