Taking a Look at Nightmares

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Nightmares Nightmares are universally defined as dreams that bring about feelings of fear, terror and anxiety which causes one to awake from their sleep cycle during REM sleep. The cause of nightmares is a highly conflicted area of study amongst many fields including psychology, neuroscience and biology. With the different views and areas of knowledge, the explanation for their causation is diverse while also sharing similar beliefs which then come together to make more complex and factual theories. One of the more accepted theory of the causation of nightmares amongst varying fields of study is the effect environmental factors have on nightmares. Experiences and events, especially those that are extreme and traumatic to an individual, can be found to induce nightmares that can be re-occurring and psychologically strenuous. A mental disorder such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which is induced by a traumatic event, is symptomatic to very vivid nightmares that can cause the individual to re-experience the event and also develop a nightmare disorder. Psychologists have found that exploring these nightmares allows them to get a better look at one’s internal conflict or cause of anxiety over a certain event. Analyzing one’s nightmares can be used as a psychological tool for psychologist to further explore one’s mind and their intern struggles. Nightmares are complex and enigmatic brain experiences induced by past and present experiences and can often be a window into

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