Taking a Look at Nuclear Fusion

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Nuclear Fusion Assignment
1. Nuclear fusion is the combination of two light nuclei to form a heavier one. However, controlling a nuclear fusion reaction has proven to be difficult. State three critical requirements which must be meet in order to achieve controlled fusion. Firstly, high thermal energies are needed to achieve controlled fusion. High temperature enable the particles to overcome the Coulomb barrier, the energy barrier due to electrostatic interaction that two nuclei need to overcome so they can get close enough to undergo a nuclear reaction. This energy barrier of the electrostatic potential energy is that temperature must be maintained for a sufficient confinement time and with a sufficient ion density in order to obtain a net yield of energy from a fusion reaction. A necessary part in nuclear fusion is plasma, which is a mixture of atomic nuclei and electrons that are required to initiate a self-sustaining reaction which requires a temperature of more than 40,000,000 K. Second, difficulty of forcing deuterium and tritium nuclei within a close proximity needed to be overcome. The reason is because the nucleus contains protons, and in order to overcome electrostatic repulsion by the protons of both the hydrogen atoms, both of the hydrogen nucleuses need to accelerate at a super high speed and get close enough in order for the nuclear force to start fusion. The net result of these opposing forces is that the binding energy per nucleon generally increases
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