Taking a Look at Obesity

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The choices you make, your environment, your metabolism, and your genes all affect how much you weigh, so how come just recently our society has become so overweight? We have gone from working in the fields to sitting behind a desk. Were always in the car because it’s the fastest method of transportation in our high-paced society. In a recent study by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, it was found that approximately 69% of adults, or more than 78 million Americans are considered overweight.
Food is always at our convenience, and everywhere we go there are billboards, advertisements, and commercials encouraging us to eat and drink. Places that didn't used to carry food, like the gas station, now supplies hot dogs, sodas, and candy. The new trend is that daily life, for all ages, doesn't involve much physical activity and exercise. If we want to be active, we have to buy an expensive gym membership and nice running shoes. Poor diets combined with a lack of physical exercise is the cause of our problem with obesity, and our situation is getting worse by the year. According to the World Health Organization, obesity is predicted to become the biggest cause of death in only 6 years. Obesity targets all people, no matter your age, race, status, or gender. A…

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