Taking a Look at Organizational Changes

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I work as a supply sergeant for a military police unit, the 233D Military Police Company. The managers and leaders in this organization face many challenges. Throughout the last ten weeks we have gained a plethora of knowledge from the text book, ORGB, by Debra Nelson and James Quick in regards to human behavior in organizations, formal and informal organizations, organizational commitment, influential tactic, goal setting, leadership style, conflict management style, empowerment, performance appraisal, and change management, and several other subjects regarding organizations, management, and anything or one that may affect it.
Leadership Styles

The leadership styles that best suits the Officer’s and Non-Commissioned Officer’s in my unit is a combination of autocratic and democratic styles. The Lewin, Lippit, and White studies defined the autocratic style as the use of strong, directive actions to control the rules, regulations, activities, and relationships in the work environment and democratic defined as interactions and collaboration with followers to direct work and the work environment. Followers have a high degree of discretionary influence, although the leader has ultimate authority and responsibility (Nelson, Quick 195). Even though the military is made up of a chain of command we as Leaders still have to be mindful that we are dealing with human beings. That many…
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