Taking a Look at Orthodontics

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Becoming an orthodontist requires many about 10 years of school and vigorous work. The the tuition for schooling in becoming an orthodontist is costly, but the salary of an orthodontist is much higher than an average American’s. Not only does an orthodontist need the knowledge, but business skills in order to operate their own orthodontic office. Orthodontics is a career that involves teamwork between the orthodontist and crew. The occupation fixes the patient’s teeth to obtain a perfect smile they will keep forever.
To become an orthodontist, many years of education are required. 4 years of college are required followed by 4 more years in dental school. To be acceptance into dental school, it is required to take a selection of specific courses, such as pre-dentistry, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. These courses are recommended since they prepare the student for the Dental Admission Test, which focuses on biology and chemistry. Depending on the school, the requirements of majors taken in college change. After dental school, it is necessary to take 2 to 3 years of an orthodontic residency program. Students may decide to either stop after dental school to become a dentist, or continue with a orthodontic residency program. This program prepares the student in becoming an orthodontist. To be able to take a orthodontic residency program, the student must…

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