Taking a Look at Osteogenic Sarcoma

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This cancer is a bone cancer that attack the bones, especially large bones. This cancer is named osteogenic sarcoma(Osteosarcoma) for medical term (“Osteosarcoma”, n.d.). Osteosarcoma mostly affects people under 25 years old, and it can affect old people but it is really rare(“Osteosarcoma: An Introduction.”, 2012). When this cancer attacks, it grows bones, and any type of bone (“Bone cancer”,2013). This cancer is an ancient disease that we started to recognize in 1805. Most of the symptoms are on the bones (“Bone cancer”,2013). It also is not contagious so its not passed from person to person like other diseases.

Osteosarcoma is also called osteogenic sarcoma in medical term (“Osteosarcoma”, n.d.). This cancer usually develops in growing bones. Although it can occur at any age, it‘s most commonly found in teenagers and young adults and is slightly more common in males than females. Any bone in the body can be affected, but the most common sites are the arms or legs, particularly around the knee joint(“Osteosarcoma: An Introduction.”, 2012). This cancer is caused by benign tumors and other bone diseases, radiation exposure, genetic factors, children, adolescents, males more than females.(“Osteosarcoma: An Introduction.”, 2012)

Osteosarcoma is an ancient disease that still incompletely understood. The term sarcoma was introduced by the English surgeon John Abernathy in 1804. In 1805, the French surgeon Alexis Boyer first used the term osteosarcoma. Boyer realized that

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