Taking a Look at Parkinson's Disease

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Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s disease is the most common movement disorder; its characteristics are loss of muscle control, stiffness, slowness, shaking, and impaired balance. My grandmother had Parkinson’s very bad and she couldn’t walk anymore or hardly talk, it’s very sad because they are just unable to do anything. Muhammad Ali is one of the best boxers of all time and now he also suffers from Parkinson’s; he also has all of these symptoms and is hardly able to talk. As symptoms worsen is when you see that one may not be able to walk, or talk. Over one million people in the United States suffer from this disease, and about five million worldwide. The disease was named after James Parkinson who described this disease as “shaking palsy.” The cause of Parkinson’s is unknown, but there are several things that may be factors. It has long been said that the main factors are genetics and environmental factors, although there isn’t really any direct evidence for this. There are five genes that are linked with Parkinson’s, SNCA, PARK2, PARK7, PINK1, and LRRK2. About 15 percent of individuals with this disease also have family members with the disease. The five genes listed were the ones scientists identified and that are associated with the disease. Aside from genetics there also can be environmental toxins that may increase the risk of Parkinson’s, but this isn’t until later down the road. The risk of getting the disease from toxins is pretty small, and isn’t a main
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