Taking a Look at Personality

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Personality The behavior of a person, and hence the society, is largely determined by the personality of such a person. Personality is very instrumental in building a person’s character that is very deterministic in defining how people relate to one another in a society. There exists some great differences on how Americans interrelate to one another and how the Chinese interrelate to one another. Traditionally, the Chinese people are famously known for their etiquette irrespective of whether they are relating amongst themselves or they are interacting with foreigners. This etiquette is manifested in a number of ways. Firstly, the way the Chinese people greet each other not only shows etiquette, but also promotes respect. Often, you will note that the Chinese people bow their heads while greeting people and they do not introduce themselves. This is totally the case in United States of America. In America, people are very casual in their greetings and just stretching their hands to reach out for greetings is enough for them. Americans do not bow and often do not care whether they are introduced by somebody or not. This is contrary to what happens in China. In China, self introduction is totally disrespect. Etiquette and respect are elements that are wrapped in a polite personality. These aspects are very evident among the Chinese people. People in china are very polite. However, the Americans are different in the sense that etiquette and respect is not a mandatory for
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