Taking a Look at Pharmacists

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Pharmacy is an essential part of modern day health care. Pharmacists today are well trained, highly skilled and easily accessible to the public. However, pharmacy was not always as convenient and advanced as it currently is today. Since the times of prehistoric man, pharmacy has evolved greatly over the years and has become a safer, more efficient and more important part of society.
There are still many opinions about pharmacy’s origin because many theories are based on logic and analogies rather than concrete evidence. Much is known about prehistoric diseases due to the damage of people’s bodies found by archaeologists in ancient bones. However, finding evidence of early man trying to use natural resources as medicinal drugs is scarce. Prehistoric man viewed the causes of diseases as wraths from supernatural or spiritual beings. This caused our ancient ancestors to practice a type of “magic” which used plants and often objects for rituals to make peace with evil and disease-causing spirits ( Kremers, 3).
The ancient people learned many things from instinct. Things like water, an herb or mud were most likely man’s first soothing applications. Trial and error helped man learn which substances brought the best results and shared them with other people. The advanced profession of pharmacy most likely evolved from simple and crude methods used by our ancient ancestors (A History 1).
The farthest date that pharmacy can be traced back to is about 4000 B.C. The Sumerian population
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