Taking a Look at Phonetic Euphemisms

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A phonetic euphemism is used to replace profane language or cuss words. One version of phonetic euphony is using the first letter of a cuss word, and often times adding the word "word" after it. For example saying the, “F-word” instead of saying fuck, or the “B-word” instead of bitch. In the military, it’s common to say several completely different words using the first letters of profane words. For example, instead of saying, “What the Fuck”, they would say, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot", or "Bravo Sierra” instead of, “Bull Shit”. In television and radio, profanity will often be covered up by a “bleep” noise. Usually, you can use context clues to figure out what the word was anyways but the “bleep” is a form a euphemism because it covers up the offensive language. Cuss words are also masked by mispronunciations, such as, “darn” instead of, “damn”, or “shoot” instead of “shit”. This type of phonetic euphemism is most commonly used for the word fuck. There are many different ways the word fuck is mispronounced, including, “frick”, “frack”, “fudge”, and “truck”. To alter the pronunciation or spelling of a taboo word to form a euphemism is also known as taboo deformation, or "minced oath".
Euphemisms are often used to describe activities that are gross or uncomfortable. There are countless euphemisms for pooping and urinating. These include the phrases, “using the bathroom”, and “taking a dump”. There are also several euphemisms for having sex such as, “getting laid”,

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