Taking a Look at Photographic Film

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Photographic film A film can be defined as a material which is chemically reactive and when exposed to a light source records a fixed or still image. In other words it helps in capturing the image of a the photographed object, formed from the light reflecting back from its surface. Technically it is a photographic material consisting of a celluloid base that is covered with a photographic emulsion that is later used to make the negatives or the transparencies that maybe contained inside a roll, or maybe a cassette or a cartridge. A film, when developed will produce transparent negatives. A negative film is a photographic image that is formed on a narrow transparent strip of sheet whose surface is generally made up of plastic or glass. It is a type of photographic image that shows the bright areas of the subject photographed as dark and the dark areas of the subject as light. A negative film can be found in all formats, and can be black and white or colour. A negative can produce a positive image when light is made to pass through it. A positive image is actually a normal image while a negative image is a total inversion were the light areas of the picture becomes dark and the dark as light. Hence a positive is the final image. A positive can also be made directly from a film, like transparencies ( were a film is processed to give a positive image directly rather than to give a negative ) what is it made up of film is actually a light sensitive emulsion on top of a
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