Taking a Look at Plagiarism

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Any place, whether it is school, college, work place innovation is of utmost importance. We are expected to complete home work or a assignment by our own thinking or thought process. With the development of technology such as internet, communication devices ideas regardless of subject are shared and studied, at least viewed by numerous people. So, when a work or assignment is given, these new avenues are used for the time being to complete the given task. Using information from various books and websites by referencing the source is morally adaptable. But without any reference using others work maybe it is science, music, cinema, literature is immoral and this immoral act of copying is termed as ‘Plagiarism’.

Plagiarism and its effects: Uniqueness coagulated with good success rate is very important for upcoming economies. Research has been the backbone of United States of America and Europe right from middle of 19th century. Research in the developing countries is on the downside exclusively due to Plagiarism. Thinking abilities are not being sharpened because of the availability of easy ways to complete a task.
Fields being affected: Science is the most affected field of plagiarism. Developments in Science are on south side due to…

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