Taking a Look at Plastic Surgery

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Living in a judgmental society and a demanding workplace, people are prompted to do whatever it takes for them to maintain their inner pride. Low self esteem and lack of confidence are great factors which push people to change themselves into what they think is better. They are willing to put themselves under the knife just to accomplish their dream of extraordinary beauty. Plastic surgery is an easy road to the illusion of what people refer to as perfection. This subject is more closely related to women as they are always seeking attractive faces and flattering bodies. People tend to view plastic surgery as a simple amendment to their imperfections, but what they don’t realize is that a plastic surgery is a tool that could transform a beauty into a beast in just a couple of running minutes(Melissa Dittmann, September 2005, para.1). Plastic surgery is widely spread these days as it is growing wildly into a global phenomenon. More than 50,000 plastic surgery procedures in UK only last year with a rise of 17% in average(Ami Sedghi, Feb.2014, para.3). Media in addition has a major role in making it a great deal. However, the risks a person must take to undergo such surgery must not be ignored whatsoever. This paper will unravel the hidden dangers of the overlooked addiction of plastic surgery as it affects a person physically, financially, socially, emotionally, biologically, and personally thanks to media.
Plastic Surgery is a surgery that alters an unlikable body part of
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