Taking a Look at Poaching

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Poaching Poaching is the illegal hunting of any protected animal for personal gain. Poaching has been acknowledged for over one thousand years. Originally they were raiders that attacked livestock for survival. Modern poachers are well equipped and hunt to sell their body parts for large sums of money from international collectors. The poachers themselves are often very poor and work in gangs. OneGreenPlanet writes, “The Sumatran Tiger is a critically endangered species right now. It is poached and sold for its parts (skin, teeth, bones, and claws) which sell for up to $5,000. Poaching is more lucrative than other jobs that are available in the region; a harsh reality faced by many individuals and communities.” Many who revert to poaching, especially in poor areas, revert to it out of necessity. Sharks are tricked to vessels and got on a snare that pulls them on board. Their dorsal balances are cut off and their bodies tossed go into the sea. Without blades they can't swim and will pass on. The unlawfully acquired blades are utilized to make shark blade soup, a delicacy in Asia. Tigers are butchered for their striped hide, elephants are executed for their ivory tusks and rhinos their substantial horn. The groups of the creatures are left to decay. This is an occurrence that happens all over the world, but few governments can deal with the problem in an orderly and efficient manner. Poaching has become a worldwide market and individuals make millions off of hunting these
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