Taking a Look at Politics in Thailand

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Political chaos , protesting , turmoil , and crisis are all words that can be linked to Thailand in recent weeks and on and off over the last eight years. From November 2013 until February 2014, there was constant distress throughout the country relating to the current political system and the leaders of Thailand. People were flooding the streets in Bangkok to protest the government or waving Thai flags to show support of Thailand.

All across Thailand people were upset with the government and showing it by protesting in the capital city of Bangkok. The reason for this unrest to spread through the country is an amnesty bill proposed to the parliament of Thailand. This bill would allow the self –exiled former, Prime Minister Thaksin to return to Thailand without being punished for the crimes he had been charged of. The current Prime Minister Yingluck is actually Thaksin’s sister and many people feel she does whatever Thaksin asks her to do. Thaksin was part of an extremely corrupt government and thousands of people were angered when they heard that he could be allowed back into the country as a free man.
The role of the King of Thailand is important to understand the different priorities of the protesters. The current King is beloved by all in Thailand and he is respected as much as the gods in their religion. If anything bad is said about the King, the speaker can be given a jail sentence. The King does actually have power, unlike the queen of England. As the
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