Taking a Look at Queen Elizabeth I

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She is the last Tudor monarch, and the only virgin queen in her bloodline. Elizabeth I of England was born on September 7, 1533 at Greenwich palace to Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. After her sister, Mary I, died on November 17, 1558, Elizabeth came back from her arrest to claim the throne. She is known for being a cunning and shrewd survivalist. Since birth, her life has been about surviving all the odds against her. As she fights her way to the top, the economy, the country’s culture, science and technology, government, and communication will change all around her. Because of her family, Elizabeth was left with a crumbling economy. As each family member ruled, the collapsing economy would worsen, and it was up to Elizabeth to rebuild what her family destroyed. Henry VIII had changed the coinage so that the face value was less, and Mary I lost thousands of dollars to a war that England was not involved in yet. To undo what her family did, she not only taxed the common people, but she taxed those with more riches as well. As she spoke with her financial advisor, Thomas Gresham, he had advised to change the coinage. From there, the queen melted down all coins with no real value, and had a coinage that was newly minted with precious metals. In addition, she changed the face of the coin from her sister to her. As they maintained the coinage’s new value, the economy slowly became stable. Not only did she have economic reforms, but she also has religious reforms. When she

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