Taking a Look at Resource Utilization

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The Earth is a closed system with finite resources which can be utilized; However polarized views of the limit in the functional availability of non-renewable resources exist between the Cornucopians and Neo-Malthusians. Regardless of the disparity between the views of the Cornucopians and Neo-Malthusians, both ideologies are valid in their rationalization and their arguments are augmented with strong supporting arguments drawn from historical facts. Despite arguments being drawn from a shared history the Cornucopians and Neo-Malthusians have developed conflicting views that share no commonalities. In essence the Cornucopians may be described as optimist or idealists whereas the Neo-Malthusians would be considered pessimists or realists. The Cornucopians believe that human ingenuity and technological advancements will solve global resource issues. The combination of the discovery of new reserves, technological evolutions providing substitutes for presently declining resources, and improved efficiencies in resource extraction, manufacturing and other processes will continually provide solutions to emergent issues. Furthermore, as it is believed that technology will continue to evolve and provide solutions to satisfy the needs of the human species, the environment therefore imposes no real limits to growth. Cornucopians such as Sir John Maddox argue that resource depletion is an unfounded issue as classic economic philosophies of supply and demand would result in an
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