Taking a Look at Ribena Soft Drink Company

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Challenges in Implementing Suggestions Ribena needs to be accustomed to the certainty of change to remain in the industry and to continually strive in the market (Biedenbach and Soumlderholm, 2008). In implementing the suggestions of the paper, in an organisational perspective, the first potential problem is the need to get support from majority of Ribena’s managers. For change to materialize, 75% management buy-in should be ensured (Kotter, 1995). Implementing change should start from top level management to get majority of the employees on board. Employees resist change if they need to relearn or change what they are familiar with. Constantly communicating the change to employees. Second Problem is budget, since change entails cost. Management should realize the risks they face far outweighs the costs of implementing and maintaining a Quality Assurance System and having an effective infrastructure for customer responsiveness. The return on investment of these changes is also in line with the company’s integrity initiatives. Outsourcing can be an option to lower the cost of improving Ribena’s responsive to its clients. Contracting out its customer service enables Ribena to focus on its primary activities while still being responsive to its clients at a cost efficient manner. Once management buy-in and the budget need is acquired, strategically planning the implementation of the suggestions is the next concern. While implementing the change, customer service and

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