Taking a Look at Rock and Roll

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In the modern music industry, it is common to witness the appearance and disappearance of new genres in what seems like an ‘overnight’ lapse of time. Emergence of different sub-styles has become increasingly popular over the past decade, especially considering the rise of pop music and now electronic dance. However despite the arrival of these specific and diverse new musical categories, the few historical genres that remain in tact stand as some of the most prominent and impactful types of music to be witnessed throughout time. One of these genres is rock. Characterized by guitar-led melodies and synchronizing drum patterns, rock music has been a staple for international music since the early 1900’s. However, despite its’ popularity throughout the decades, rock has undergone changes just as we recognize that society has. Initially a predominantly male-centered genre, rock music has evolved into an arena available to anyone and everyone who presents their abilities to move people through the music they produce. The introduction of women rock musicians was perhaps the most significant of these evolutions. Women changed the scope of the music industry by allowing for the expansion of the rock ‘n roll fanbase through newfound celebrity support for feminism and female empowerment, which was delivered lyrically by these new women musicians. Women rockers represented the ability for females to be successful in society and glorify their independence while they worked to achieve
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