Taking a Look at Secure+

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This is a service that promises fair prices, fast response, and total customer care. We provide world class security alarm monitoring for your home or business at a price that any budget can afford. Secure+ is a local company with a mind for the community, taking pride in knowing each and every one of our customers on a first name basis. Located in Central Florida we know what it takes to bring together remote security and local law enforcement. Our central location gives us an advantage to our competitors. Monthly training courses with local police and sheriff divisions provides them the knowledge of how our service works better then the “big box store” style security providers. Our local staff provides knowledge and experience to protect your property from anyone or anything whether you on-site or away!

Business Ownership Secure+ is a small business with passion. Formed as a sole proprietorship this offers the customer the fastest and best service possible. Secure+ is able to use this ownership style to customize a monitored security solution for each and every one of our customers. Red tape and long waiting periods are not necessary anymore. Our promise is simple, and it is all about quick decisions even if you need to talk to ownership. Our local service allows an open door policy for all customers no matter the problem or need. Just stop by and see how amazing and convenient our business is…

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