Taking a Look at Sex Education

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The first position on this topic is Abstinence-only until marriage sex education should be taught in public schools. According to the heritage foundation, “teens who abstain from sex have improved life outcomes” (“Sex Education and Abstinence”). Safe sex can never be guaranteed to be 100% effective. Safe sex only merely reduces the risks while abstinence completely eliminates the risk (Garth 112). Modern sex education techniques are too bold and in turn, desensitize adolescents, encouraging promiscuous behavior. According to researchers Marsiglio and Mott, comprehensive sex education is associated with a rise in sexual activity in teenagers (Richard 22). The United States’ of America boasts the highest teen birth rate of any industrialized nation. The teen birthrate in the U.S. is so high that it almost doubles the United Kingdom’s birth rate and is fifteen times greater than the birth rate of Japan (Garth 115). Lakita Garth is a highly reputed speaker on many different issues and is one of the leading abstinence advocates in the United States. Garth explains how on her many visits with pregnant teenagers, she learned that none of the teens blamed their pregnancy on their lack of information of contraception. Instead, the girls Garth met with lamented that they were never taught how to live an abstinent lifestyle (115). Only fourteen percent of adolescents are not using contraceptives because of a lack of knowledge or a lack of access to birth control (Garth 115). For
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