Taking a Look at Sleep Paralysis

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Close your eyes for a minute and imagine waking up in a nightmare, where you vision a horrific dark presence in your room and you’re unable to scream for help or even move. This helpless “nightmare” can also be known as Sleep Paralysis. A condition which people experience a terrifying paralyzing feeling throughout their body in between the state of rest and awakening; often seeing troubled things. Since when I was young I would have some experiences with sleep paralysis. Due to the unusual experiences, I became interested to research the topic and took my time to read about it more.
Sleep paralysis, occurs with the most normal sleeper, so it’s possible it can happen to you. What I’m really trying to get across is, why not educate yourself with it now, so you’ll be more aware when it does happen.
Sleep Paralysis can be a terrifying experience for many people, but before I get into depth what it is Sleep Paralysis and why it happens, we’ll first get a understanding why we dream, and finally I’ll talk about how to control Sleep Paralysis.
Ah, dreams, such a difficult thing science can never grasp.
So why do we dream? -Visual Interaction-
To be honest, I don’t really know, even oneirologist (people who study dreams) don't even know! Though there are a lot of theories why we have dreams.
A more popular spiritual theory states dreams actually serve a purpose; to prepare us for threats. Research shows, negative feelings are the most common emotion when we sleep. So, those
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