Taking a Look at Some Teaching Models and Theories

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Education has always played a vital role in our society, in order to provide the best education to the children educators have to know which teaching models will work better in the school system. Each children have different way of learning, schools are not different they have to way to teach children. There are many models and theories of teaching, some of them are different than others and many others have similarities. A great educator will spent uncounted hours researching the best way to pass the knowledge to others and the High Scope educators have been being just that. The High Scope curriculum is the reason why it is so recognized and used by many institutions around the globe it emphasizes active learning, students are involved in the process, and they have hands-on experiences with their classmates, teachers, objects, events and anything that have to do with the task. Many different reasons have contributed to the success of the program, their teachers are well trained and very professionals, the classrooms are very appealing and well organized. Active learning; positive adult/child interaction; learning environment; daily routine and lastly the assessment of the children, these are the key factors to the High Scope Approach success (Durak, 2009). The High Scope has intensive teaching requirements in order for a teacher to be fully certified to teach in the program, the teacher’s s has to go to vigorous trainings. The certification process which is being conducted
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