Taking a Look at Spam-Junk Mail

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(Reference 1 & 2)

Spam mail:
Posts or mails we receive on daily basis which we unlikely to see and are sent to more than one recipient. Opening these mails may lead to fatal virus or malware attacks as these mails may send user to websites which are used or built to steal password, credit card numbers and malware attacks.
(Reference 1 & 2)

From above we can say that spam mails are special type of junk mails with more complexity and possible hazards.

In everyday life we receive thousands of mails which are not sent to us by our relatives ,friends ,anyone we know . Many of these mails are junk mails(mails which have promotion content in it).and mostly we just check the id of the sender and then ignore if we don’t know the sender or subject is either confusing or directly showing its promotion nature. The big reason why we ignore or delete these mails directly is that some of these mails are dangerous for us as they can steal or personal information which can result in a big financial loss. And its highly difficult to check or guess either its junk mail or spam mail. And its quite obvious why would a spammer will allow receiver to know his intention because he want to steal our important credentials.

PRO’s & CON’s:


The advantages of Junk/spam mails are…

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