Taking a Look at Starbucks Coffee

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The first "Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice" store was opened in 1971 in Pikes Place Market in Seattle by three academics; History teacher, English teacher and writer Zev Siegel, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker respectively. Apparently the name Starbucks came from Moby Dick, an American classic novel about the whaling industry in the nineteenth century, by Herman Melville. Instead of selling the drink that they are famous for today, Sarbucks initially only sold coffee making equipment and coffee beans. The rather brilliant idea and decision to sell drinks rather than just machines and beans was brought up by Howard Schultz who was then the Director of Retail Operations for the company after 10 years of operation. However, his idea wasn't in favour of the company entrepreneur as he wasn't successful in convincing them about the "crazy" idea. Hence in 1986, he started a chain of coffee bars which he called II Giornale as he went his own way. Just over a year after that, Siegel and the other two sold Starbucks to Howard Schultz who then renamed his coffee bar chain to Starbucks and swiftly started expanding. The Coffeehouse chain started spreading across the United States of America after conqueting Seattle and then internationally. Tokyo, Japan was the first destination outside North America that Starbucks had ventured internationally (Coffee.org, 2014).

The first company logo was an image of a two-tailed mermaid on a wood-cut style design. Over the years, several

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