Taking a Look at Stress

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Stress is said to have existed throughout evolution. In most cases stress is debated with the perception that it is only associated with human beings. If we look at geography, the formation of the planets and everything existing in them is a result of stress in the form of meltdown which happened over millions of years. Rivers are formed as a result of soil erosion when the earth’s surface is subject to stress by wind or running water. History talks of the transformations from the Stone Age to the technological age. In trying to cope with the survival in their environment, men invented extraordinary technologies. From an optimist’s point of view, stress can be referred to as a good evil. Laconically, potential causes of stress are numerous. Stress is linked with the working and living environment. Stress affects people, and people are part of organisations and as a result organisations are also affected. And if stress is not properly addressed, it can lead to burnout. (1) What do researchers say about the causes of stress and burnout? Stress is the reaction of the body to changes and other demands which requires the body’s physical adaptation. (Werner, 2011:232). In other words, stress comes as result of limitations and demands (Robbins, Odendaal & Roodt, 2003, p420) and it incorporates the interaction between an individual and their environment. (Robbins, Odendaal & Roodt, 2003:420). McGrath (1976) cited by Kellogg(2006:40) pointed out that stress is the response to

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