Taking a Look at Supernaturalism

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When it comes to the meaning of life, there are two main conflicting arguments. On the one hand, philosophers generally ignored the question of life's meaning because they were doubtful that it had/no/real answer. And dm the other hand, most non-philosophers consider it one of the most important questions, if not the most important question, of human existence. You can view the meaning of life through a few perspectives, through J the super-naturalist point of view, which states that a spiritual realm is necessary to| exist for life's meaning, and a naturalist point of view, which states that life's meaning can exist through the ways of living in a purely physical world.

Supematuralism is basically the claim that life is meaningless if the only world that exists is the one known by science. According to this view, meaning in i life must come from a spiritual realm that one relates to in the appropriate way.

Supematuralism is usefully divided into God-centered views, which hold that God| but not a soul is necessary for one's existence to be significant and meaningful. Many super-naturalist theories hold that both God and a soul are needed for 1 meaning. The standard super-naturalist perspective of what makes life meaningful is the view that meaning ih life comes from helping to realize God's plan or fulfilling a purpose God as assigned, where God…

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