Taking a Look at Team Connor's Organization

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FINANCIAL SUMMARY As per our analysis of TeamConnor’s financials we explored that the organization has been having difficulty in maintaining a positive net income throughout the past three years. According to TeamConnors financials, we observe that there is a misfit between their goals, stated in TeamConnors Goals for the Future, and their financial capabilities. With the net negative income over the past three years, TeamConnor has lacked in updating their goals to match with their current financial standards. According to our projections, continuing at this pace with income decreasing and expenses rising, we believe TeamConnor will be nearly $850 thousand in the negative. The goals of awarding more grants with an annual increase of 46% through the upcoming years will not be attainable with the current trend of income in the organization. With constantly growing expense like salary, professional service expenses, and event costs, summing up to nearly roughly 45% of total expenditures at an estimated growth rate of 30%, expenses continues to exceed the revenues each year. With a negative outlook in the coming years with unrealistic goals, the change of strategic orientation is obvious and urgent. PROPOSALS As we carefully analyzed the current strategic orientation of TeamConnor organization we came across some key issues that need to be addressed. According to the information provided, we believe that currently the organization is having issues with focusing on their

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