Taking a Look at Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy falls under a vulnerable population because it differs from the majority of the population that is generally worked with in the medical-surgery unit. Pregnant teens are cared for in the obstetrics unit but even in that unit they are still considered the vulnerable population because there are many health issues that occur more often in mothers of young age. People who get pregnant at a young age are at risk for health conditions such as placenta previa, pregnancy-induced hypertension, premature delivery, anemia, and toxemia (Adolescent pregnancy, n.d.). Babies born to teenage mothers are at risk for intrauterine growth restriction, prematurity, and intrauterine growth restriction. This population was chosen to gather knowledge about the situations that exist surrounding this vulnerable population. May is national teen pregnancy prevention month. One area to be concerned about in teen pregnancy is the risk factors involved. Many factors are considered when investigating the population of teen girls that become pregnant. These factors include physical, emotional, social, and environmental. Teen pregnancy is more likely to occur in younger girls, especially those with an older male partner, those who perform poorly in school, those who live in disadvantaged homes, and those who have single parent or are the child of a teen mom themselves. These concerns are individualized to this population because these risk factors are modifiable far as environmental
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