Taking a Look at Terrorism

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The major event that happened on September 11th, 2001 was the unexpected attack from the terrorists towards Americans. Not only Americans, but also the whole world was deep into fear. It’s not just the number of people died in the attack; it totally changed people view toward terrorisms from that point. The question is how and what should we do to dissuade this kind of attack for happening again in the future whether near or farther? In order to get the solution for this problem, we should examine terrorism from three different perspectives with the international environment, the state, and the individual in The War on Terror written by Patrick Coaty.
International system is characterized by anarchy, the state without governmental enforcement. The absence of central government unintentionally gives the chance to the states to use violence any way each state prefers. It was assessed as consistency for Soviet society. The terrorism is a concept which was long-standing developed. At that period of time, people usually used violence as a tool to against the government to satisfy their demand that might rose from the conflict between religious or political parties for example. By killing innocent people, serial murder leaders or bombing the status places of a country to create a fear among the citizens within that country and most of the time also spreading the great fear to other near-by…

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