Taking a Look at ThinkersBox

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ThinkersBox specialises in cognitive development for children aged 5 to 12 years old. The company first started in 2006 where they conducted cognitive training classes at Singapore Polytechnic. In 2007 they expanded their clients by working together with Unity Primary School and conducting trainings for students living in lower-income household. In 2010, ThinkersBox was formally established and they moved to a center of their own. Till now, ThinkersBox conducts personalized cognitive training classes for children aged 5 to 12 years old during the weekends while working with other Montessori education centers and primary schools during the weekdays. The weekend classes are more targeted at parents of children who are more well-to-do financially as the classes can be considered quite costly. The weekday classes on the other hand are less intensive and as the company works with schools, the cost is lower so that the company can reach out to children living in lower-income household who needs help to improve their cognitive development. Currently, ThinkersBox are in the midst of expanding their business overseas. They have recently worked with a partner in Thailand to open a center there and they are currently in talks with partners in India. With the personalised cognitive training classes in full swing, the company wants to reach out to more children in Singapore. Currently ThinkersBox does not have any plans to open a second branch for various management reasons. Over the

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